“Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows.”

― Nisargadatta Maharaj

I Am A Wisdom DJ

Even if the world was crashing down around me, you’d find me seeking and sharing life’s greatest wisdom. Elevated & Rooted is the lovechild of my affinity and quest for self-transcendence.

Three Pillars of Elevated & Rooted

If you truly want to be the captain of your life ship, there are three pillars of life that I’ve come to believe are of utmost importance. Within each pillar, you will find the associated feelings and themes listed below.

  • Discover What Matters. Humility, courage, love, appreciation, connection, awe, wonder, peace, responsibility
  • Recreate Yourself. Resilience, discipline, clarity, pride, conviction, evolution, power, action
  • Live with Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, mastery, ascension, transcendence, convergence, brilliance, magic

A Closer Look

These are the three most important topics anybody could ever speak about. Hands down.

  • Discover What Matters. How dare we live a life without discovering what matters to us? Hey, let’s wait until we are headed to the casket before we determine if we lived a life that mattered to us. Are you kidding me? It is absolutely fucking imperative to go deep on these questions. Society doesn’t encourage these confrontational types of conversations because they designed most of the world to keep you in distraction from your Truth. So guess what? Here I am. I will take the baton and run with it. What matters? This conversation matters. Your life matters. Your happiness matters. Your sense of meaning, purpose, enjoyment, and aliveness matter. We will reframe death from an unwelcome end into a guide post for our aliveness in the present. We have one precious life. We must discover who we are inside and honor that to the end of our time. We must determine how we want to show up in life, for ourselves and for others. We must commit to doing more of what we love and to bringing our highest self to the altar of life for the good of all. We must face this life with courage and do our best to stay engaged in this miracle of existence.
  • Recreate Yourself. The only constant is change. Most of us have the wrong perspective on life. We play small, we play scared. Everyday you are changing, you are getting better or you are getting worse. No man ever steps in the same river twice, no man is the same and no river is the same. Everything is in flux. The best you embraces change with conviction and mastery. We are by nature agents of change, stewards of evolution. Recreating yourself is the most magical opportunity in the world. You are truly a blank canvas, waiting to be painted on each day. If you don’t paint yourself, the world will paint you. You will be recreated whether you like it or not. So let’s take charge of that, have pride in that. By learning the fundamentals and advanced techniques of personal change, you can embrace the process of recreating yourself and your life experience in the grandest ways possible.
  • Live With Whole-Hearted Enthusiasm. What if you understood this game of life on a deeper level? How the incredibly complex systems of life within youーgut, brain, heart, breath, cells, to name a fewーinteract with your inner and outer world s? What if you could converge these forces of life to take your convictions to untold heights? This is all about becoming the captain of your ship of life.  We are talking unleashing your heart on the world, and amplifying the force of life within you for the good of all. Commitment, practice, and mastery of creating your life experience from the insideーin conjunction with, but in power over, any external environment or stimuli. This is the advanced conversation for those that are ready to do big things, but only by first understanding, appreciating, and activating the small things in life to transform at will and actualize the life of their dreams.

What Where Why how when?

You can expect everything I fucking haveーmy best mindsets and perspectives, tools and techniques, beliefs and behaviors, puns and spoken word flowetry, and much more. What’s my art on this planet? Wisdom and human connection. And I am going to spit it to you raw and real. No gurus here. Expect relatable, humble wisdom from a human being, just like you, who is going through the same shit in a different body at a different time and place than you.

Blogs, Vlogs, and Curriculum: My greatest tools, mindsets, strategies, and wisdom to fall in love with life; Delivered via blogs on this website, heartfelt YouTube mini vlogs, and forthcoming online curriculum to help people with The Three Pillars above.

ChocTalkz: An original talkshow in which I gather extraordinary humans in person over a cup of cacao, a microphone, and binaural beats in our headphones. These conversations are an exploratory playground for life.

Flowetry & Freestyle Flowmasters: Inspirational transmissions from my highest self posted on YouTube and in my blog posts to give further descriptions. Additionally, listen in on select freestyle rapping creations born out of my Flowmasters family.

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