I’m writing a book, a really frickin amazing book

Check in here for the latest and greatest on my forthcoming book! Here is the absolute most disgustingly boring summary that I can let you in on at this time!

This book was written to help everyday people live well. The book presents the Pyramind, a 5-level progression that covers mindsets, actions, tools, and ways of being. There are 6 components at each level (30 in total). It is a combination of practicality, spirituality, science, and wisdom from everyday experience. 

Intro: states the context for the book and its intentions to help you wake the F up and do your special thang on this planet

EYES: awareness, perspective, meaning, belief, wonder, connection

CORE: choice, safety, ownership, humility, trust, forgiveness

HEART: acknowledgement, receivership, awe, inspiration, enjoyment, compassion

FIRE: urgency, responsibility, courage, discipline, conviction, resilience, 

LIGHT: expansion, expression, enthusiasm, contribution, adventure, play 

Conclusion: a call to action to be the best we can and enjoy the precious ride of life more

Each component will be a chapter or a subsection within the larger chapter of its corresponding level of the five levels.

UPDATE 3/19/20

  • I have written three chapters! They are beautiful and terrible. I will share more with you here and on Facebook. Stay tuned. LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!

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