ChocTalkz is a conversational experience and passion project.

Welcome to ChocTalkz, a talk show where I eat/drink chocolate and talk about life. Chocolate. Wisdom. Human connection. Simple and easy. I believe we are born from a mystery and die into a mystery, so why not spend our precious time doing what we love? I LOVE cacao, human connection, learning and sharing wisdom, binaural beats, sensuality, and experience design, among much more.

I recognize that we are far happier when we do more of what we love. This is my effort to combine these loves to make my borrowed time on Earth a joyful adventure. This is a personal reminder of the power of creation, and to not take life too seriously. Truthfully, if I knew the world was going to explode in 30 minutes, I would eat/drink a shit ton of chocolate, create a meaningful ceremony, and connect with another human on all subjects of our existence and aliveness.Plus, sharing information is the main driver of human evolution. When we share more, we grow more. By introducing, compounding, contradicting, reinforcing, and recreating information, we take a collective step in self-transcendence.



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What The Heck Happens on ChocTalkz

  • My amazing co-creator (guest) and I sit down in West LA, drink the highest-grade ceremonial cacao, and talk about LIFE. If we are drinking cacao, we will enjoy organic ceremonial grade cacao. If we are eating chocolate, it will be hand-picked specially sourced organic dark chocolate or homemade organic dark chocolate by Yours Truly. I will post all cacao and chocolate in the blog posts, so you can understand what was on our tastebuds and in our bloodstreams. If you’d like to buy some from our suppliers, please click here and support the amazing work they are doing.
  • These diverse guests are from my direct and extended personal network, covering many disciplines, backgrounds, belief systems, and personalities. There is absolutely no requirement to be a billionaire, a celebrity, an “accomplished” human being. Resumes are prohibited. ChocTalkz is a platform for human beings to connect deeply on the level of our shared humanity and existence. Everyone in this magical life has something to teach us, and we have something to teach them too.
  • This conversational experience engages our senses via sipping medicinal cacao, listening to heart opening binaural beats on headphones, and recording our conversation in a quasi-studio with professional microphones and voice patches to make us sound heavenly. There is truly no conversational experience like this.
  • While my incessant curiosity and affinity for learning will certainly result in me asking many questions, it is a dope-ass conversation, not an interview. I don’t want people to feel like they have to answer specific things or put on a mask to impress others. That’s why I keep it open for them to ask me questions too and for us to charge forward in conversation without a suffocating agenda. My guests are encouraged to ask me questions too, if they would like. And selfishly, I have mad love and wisdom to express to the world too, so I will spit some fire! I will also struggle to make sense of things as I seek to fully understand other peoples’ worlds. Everyone has the liberty to share anything and everything at anytime. This free-flowing agenda results in heartfelt, inspired conversation.
  • We open the show with a brief eyes-closed meditation as we hold our cups of cacao and set our intention. And we sip the cacao throughout the show! 
  • Minimum 30-minutes of awesomeness delivered as an MP3 and/or YouTube show. This is an audio recording only. Video may happen in the future!

How It Benefits Guests and Listeners

  • ChocTalkz is truly unlike any other podcast, conversation, coffee chat, or anything that you have ever had. I promise you. With each new guest, I add new elements to the experience. The experience itself—cacao, binaural beats, headphones, microphones, and yours truly—will drop you into a beautiful space. In this receptive state, we are more suspetible to absorbing and assimilating information; therefore, by our very involvement in the show together, we have the privilege of programming each others’ minds and the mind of our listeners too. WHAT WE DESIGN, DESIGNS US BACK! Every guest has said, “Wow, I wish we could keep talking forever.” It is a therapeutic place for both the guest and me. Not only does the cacao work its magic, the music and headphones drop our minds and bodies out of the fight & flight physiological state (sympathetic nervous system) and into our rest & digest state (parasympathetic). You will enter a deep zone of love, creativity, playfulness, gratitude, freedom, and expression—basically everything a human can ever want to feel! You will be revitalized after the experience. In fact, after doing this show, I’ve realized that nobody out there is this intentional in cultivating a positive state in their guest, which I believe brings out the best in us both. Imagine how much wisdom and love has been locked up because people were not thoughtfully brought into their other podcast/talk show experiences? ChocTalkz is changing the game!
  • ChocTalkz also serves as a platform for you to express your dreams, work through your fears, and issue calls to action. Through the conversation, we get to positively influence one another and condition ourselves to live our greatest lives. We build community and serve each other.
  • The content we create also provides a way for us to serve others and support our own goals. We can now point people to incredible conversations, advice, tools, and more that we share on the show, which can help people along the way in their journey.

What I Do With the Content

  • The show audio will be uploaded to YouTube, the Elevated & Rooted website, and available to share/download via MP3 format.
  • I will dissect the show after recording via a blog post, where I also introduce the guest more thoroughly and cover key nuggets of actionable perspective-shifting nuggets of wisdom. I will also create show notes for listeners and so we can refer back to key topics. When doing so, I will organize it around the main theme I care about: how to fall in love with life.
    • Discover What Matters
    • Recreate Yourself
    • Live With Enthusiasm
  • Each guest will fill out a mini-bio questionnaire that I include in the blog posts to help people understand and connect with them.


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