Chocolate. Wisdom. Love. Vitality.

Experiential Chocolate • Edu-Chocolate • Choco-tainment • Chocolate with a message • Chocolate with a soul


  • To create my first ever homemade roasted nib-to-bar chocolate
  • To put my dreams in motion: creating a chocolate product with a loving message for humanity that makes them healthy, happy, and connected to the beautiful mystery of life
  • To create a chocolate bar that I needed at the time: a relaxing, grounding, healing, peace-giving chocolate
  • To create one of the healthiest, most healing chocolate bars in existence


  • Buy organic, direct trade roasted nibs from my one of my favorite cacao companies: Firefly Chocolate
  • Grind nibs in a juicer to create a chocolate liquer
  • Pour chocolate liquer into melanger, a stone wheel grinder
  • Grind for 24 hours, adding supplemental ingredients after the 4-hour mark, which is when the acid and moisture is released from the cacao and is ideal for adding extras. This bar was slowly stone ground with no heat to maximize bioavailability and absorption of precious ingredients while suspending the ingredients in the natural cacao fats to prevent degeneration and oxidation and reduce the energy it takes for your beautiful body to digest and absorb these nutrients and compounds, meaning more net energy and nutrition for you.
  • Attempt to temper the chocolate (failure)
  • Pour into molds (success!)



Organic Lavender Essential Oil: 10 drops in total per this ~4.5lb batch

This lavender is a gorgeous organic high-elevation lavender from France. Very well-balanced and full-bodied. The distiller is a French master who produces some of the world’s finest botanical extracts and uses premium quality organic lavender essential oil produced on his lands. Often referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils because of its cure-all properties, lavender oil provides a fragrant cloud of violet bliss, sweeping away all tension, anger, and angst. Great for calming emotions and relaxation. Different varietals may have more concentrated benefits of anti-microbial vs. relaxation or respiratory properties. Lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils today. Excellent aromatic plant for relaxation, healing, reducing anxiety, and promoting rest/sleep. This is a

Organic 10 Mushroom Powder Blend: 4% of total weight of ~4.5lb batch

  • Made with Organic Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Maitake, Wood Ear, Mesima and Oyster Mushrooms,
  • Rich in Immune Vitamins (Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D), Minerals (Zinc Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium) and Antioxidants
  • Supports Immune Health, Brain Function, Longevity and Overall Wellness.

Organic Licorice Powder: 1% of total weight of ~4.5lb batch

Per Mandala Chocolate: Deriving its name from the Greek word ‘glukurrhiza’ which means “sweet root”. It is one of the most widely consumed herbs across the world and has been in used for thousands of years. It contains glycyrrhizin , which is 30-50 times sweeter tasting than sugar but doesn’t cause any increase in blood glucose levels or trigger insulin release. In addition to it’s use as a natural sugar free sweetener, it includes a host of other health benefits including anti-viral properties. icorice is featured in the tombs of ancient Egyptians up to 3,000 years old and on Assyrian tablets reference licorice as medicine from the second or third millennia B.C. In Chinese medicine it is used in many prescriptions and considered to synergize with and enhance the effects of other herbs. In modern times, it is studied for a range range of positive health effects from heart disease to skin issues. Also powerful for gastrointestinal health, immune, liver support, respiratory system, and skin health.

Roasted Nibs – Organic Belizean Cacao: 4.581 pounds

  • Ethically-sourced magical ceremonial grade cacao grown amidst rainforests that cover ancient Mayan pyramids by three hundred indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya families in southern Belize. This ceremonial cacao comes from 300 small (1-5 acre) organic family farms in the foothills of southern Belize. 75% of the farming families are indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya, and they grow their pure raw cacao with deep respect and understanding of the local ecology. Firefely has invested in a permaculture demonstration farm here to pioneer innovative agroforestry techniques, advance cacao cultivation in the region, and propagate heirloom seedlings. This cacao has an heirloom designation by the Heirloom Cacao Project , and is produced by Maya Mountain Cacao.
  • Click here to read more about the health benefits of Cacao, as per Firefly Chocolate.

Redmond Real Salt: 0.63% of total weight of ~4.5lb batch

  • Granulated Unrefined sea salt mined in America from an ancient sea with naturally occurring beneficial trace minerals
  • Amazing taste

Real Salt is authentic salt, full of flabor, exactly as nature made it. Long before the earth knew anthropogenic pollution, volcanic eruptions sealed an ancient, pristine ocean beneath a layer of protective ash in what is now North America. Real Salt is the only brand of sea salt harvested from this ancient deposit near Redmond, Utah.


The chocolate nailed my intention. I created one of the healthiest, most healing chocolate products perhaps ever created in the entire universe.

  • However, I went overboard with the licorice and lavender. Therefore, it carries a unique aroma.
  • The cacao is extremely rich and satiating.
  • It is very grounding to consume and buttery to taste due to the high-fat content (remember this is not using crappy cacao powder. I used cacao that has never been separated into separate powder and bean, which is how most chocolate companies work. Many companies take random cacao powder (separated from original bean and butter) and random cacao butter and mix them together, which compromises flavor and most tragically compromises the healing ingredients and spirit of the original plant.


“Tastes like cheese!”
– Gavin

“No man has ever woken me up like this chocolate did!”

“This chocolate is fire! I could eat a pound of this!”
– Robbie

“It tastes good, and I like it!”
– Raul

“Like a baby whose face a mother could only love, this is a chocolate that only its creator (me) can love. And I love it!”
– Connor


Chocolate is my answer to the darkness. In the infinite unanswerable questions in life, we all respond in unique ways. What is your answer to the cosmic dark?

I’m perfecting the art of imperfection. I’m learning to be okay with this not being a smash hit in terms of flavor and gorgeously tempered chocolate.

Before you judge, let things breathe. I quickly judged my chocolate to be horrible without letting the flavors sit and mold. It turned out much better the next day, although I spent an entire day upset, assuming it would be horrible.

I was so excited that I probably ate an entire bowl of cacao nibs. This made me dance like a little kid in the kitchen, only later to feel horrible. Even the best, most medicinal food should be consumed with love, intention, and presence.


Pranayama Breathing

  • Breathe in 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds. Exhale for 30 seconds. Repeat. Relax your body on the exhale. Let the air out very slowly. Breathe in and out of your nose only.

Wake Up, Feet Up

  • Wake up, drink water, lay on your back. Put your feet up against the wall with a small blanket or pillow under your lower back. Relax. Breathe deeply through your nose into your belly for 10-15 minutes. Let the blood circulate to your head and heart. Stand up, and start your day with fresh oxygenated blood flow throughout your body.