COVID-19 is stirring up a lot of dust in the world. Fortunately, many of us seem to be in good health. From this place of gratitude, I send out my love, strength, and best wishes for health to the entire world.

From this place–my apartment in West Los Angeles–I am humbled by life. How beautiful, wonderful, fragile, mysterious it really is.

And from this place–my mindset, heartset, and soulset–I am called to contribute to the world. In this blog series, I will post about techniques and learnings from COVID-1, which I believe will practically help you cope, as well as thrive.

Inspired by feelings held deep within my heart, as well as the recent global COVID-19 situation, I am sharing what I’ve withheld from the world for a long time. I hope it helps you live a wonderful life.

The meaning of “courage” in the hashtag #COURAGE4COVID stems from my recent explorations into the baffling mystery of life, which led me to watch Randy Veitenheimer’s incredible show, Quantum Effect, on Gaia. Click here to watch. On his second episode, he walked me through the Map of Consciousness by Richard Dawkins. It suddenly dawned on me how important courage is. Or should I say, life smacked me upside the face to remind me, yet again, that courage is the gateway to more life. Read more about the meaning of #COURAGE4COVID here and check out my other writings and videos below.

I wish you the very best and hope this content is helpful to you and your loved ones.


Watch the #COURAGE4COVID Videos

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