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Here's The Game

Fall In Love With Life. All Of It.


I help mission-driven people design their life experience, discover their dream, and generate the vitality to actualize it all. Forever.

How We Play

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The Narrative

Do you feel like this?

You feel lost. Your life lacks purpose, meaning, and momentum. You lack clarity in who you are and what really truly matters to you. You feel a deep misalignment with your innermost being.

You are living someone else’s life and creating someone else’s dream, not yours. Worse off, you don’t know your dream and what your ideal life looks like. 

You lack excitement for life, and find yourself often feeling anxious, doubtful, and stressed. You are overpowered by negative thoughts and emotions. You wish you had the courage to go after your dreams, but you suffer from a nagging existential angst. 

Yet, you wonder: is there more to life than this? And deep down, you KNOW that you have SO MUCH TO GIVE TO THE WORLD, but you painfully haven’t discovered what that is.

You might work a day job that leaves you exhausted, stressed, and unfulfilled. Or perhaps you found your mission, but when you finish your work day, you have no energy to create the rest of your life. As inflammation rises, digestion worsens, and brain fog persists, your life force is escapnig you.

Underneath all of these struggles, you feel your inner truth whispering: your vital health and your infinite creative potential are slipping away. 

Despite that humble inner voice, you don’t know what else to do to create and sustain your dream. You’ve tried everything to get clarity, generate vitality, and spark creativity. And you don’t know where to go next. 

Our Common Enemy

You're not alone. I felt like that too. We’ve all been brainwashed. Conditioned. Poisoned.

Society made you who they wanted you to be. But who are you truly deep inside? Society has taught you what to want. But what do you really want? Society even convinced you that it knows what’s best for your health. But what are your body and soul actually communicating to you?

Chances are: you’re like the billions of the people on the planet who have been habituated to stressed-out lives and hypnotized into playing out a role dictated by society. Your ego is in charge of your life. And the very mind that can create a beautiful life for you is the capacity with which you numb yourself. You may not even know that you are slowly destroying your body because you bought into ruthless marketing trends and you lack the awareness in what to look for in your body and mind. Worse off, perhaps have you ever experienced what it feels like to be truly alive and vital. Perhaps you have never experienced the peace of mind, creativity, and joy that comes when you are aligned with yourself and creating the life of your dreams.

And you may not even know that you aren’t becoming the force of life that you can be simply because you haven’t imagined yourself outside your current environment in your highest expression with the self-belief that you can get there. 




Here's How Life Should Be...

You wake up smiling, feeling vibrantly alive. You are excited for what you choose to experience and create today. 

You feel a deep sense of alignment, meaning, and momentum in life. You have clarity on your core values, what actually matters to you, and what you truly love and makes you happy. And you build your unique life around this. 

Everyday, you are learning, growing, and contributing to the world. You feel empowered and resilient in your mission. You experience the world as a beautiful mystery, and you feel a sense of belonging growing inside. 

Most important of all, you look in the mirror and truly love yourself. All of yourself. Every. Single. Part. Of. You. You feel deeply connected to yourself, to others, and to life itself.

Your day job or mission aligns with your deepest values and fulfills you. You KNOW deep inside that you are doing the work you are meant to do on this planet. The greatest version of you is expressed everyday. You inspire others to make the most of life.

You are present for all experiences. Focused. Energized. Creative. And deeply appreciative for this opportunity to live, love, learn, lead, and serve. Life is FUN again.

You’ve mastered your health & vitality. Your body operates smoothly. Your unique nutrition fuels your soul. You have abundant energy and you give life your best everyday. You know what to do to eliminate stress and stay connected with your indwelling feeling of peace, love, and joy. You’ve developed an unshakeable inner guide that directs you through all the noise in the world.


The GAME: Pillar One

The GAME: Pillar TWO




What will you do with your one wild and precious life? You are going to die. By getting you into deep alignment with what matters most, we make sure you don’t waste another minute. You will develop an unshakeable peace of mind amidst uncertainty.

What are you here to create and contribute? We discover the unique intention that your soul carries and generate a life of meaning for you. You will taste the joy of living a self-fulfilling prophecy and creating a lasting impact on the world.

How would it feel to love your entire life? We’ll uncover what you truly love about yourself, what you love to do, and what to share. As you build your life around that, you create a life you love and experience an enthusiastic aliveness.


Who are you? Who are you not? We construct your values, character traits, and principles of action. And we engage in deep work to re-create your life story, belief systems, habits, and neurochemistry. You will design a perfect day of life and live it, repeatedly.

Do you understand your humanity? We will wake you up from your conditioned limitations and free yourself from yourself. You will discover how you close off and shrink from life, as well as all the rules and requirements you created for reality. Then, you will shed them and experience life anew.

What if you could eliminate stress and generate vitality for the rest of your life? You will master the six fundamentals of health and implement the 4-Doctor model of aliveness. With a deep awareness of the wisdom within your body, you’ll guide yourself into holistic wellbeing and become a vital force of life.


Are you ready to fall in love with life and become a vital force for good on this planet?

Alignment and Vitality Await You


When you are ready to discover how much you truly love life, I will be here ready to serve you. You deserve to feel vibrantly alive everyday. You have a dream waiting to be discovered and created. Life is begging for you to more deeply experience it. You can be a living example to others of what it means to live an extraordinary life. 


1-on-1 engagement over a minimum of three months, including 9 meetings and 10+ hours of co-creation. Every package is specially designed for your dreams and challenges. Through a mixture of assessments, questionnaires, online curriculum, 24/7 support, and 1-on-1 video/in-person sessions, we will design your life experience, discover your dream, and generate vitality. 


Prefer to learn on your own? Check out the School of The Beyond where you learn what you weren’t taught in school: how to fall in love with the Mystery of life. Courses include Constructing Core Values, Creating Your Identity, Discovering What Matters, Meditation for Manifestation, Holistic Vitality, & Human Experience Design. *Coaching clients receive a discount on all courses.


One-time consultations for nutrition and movement assessments, life design, breathwork, or hands-on guidance through any of the courses for an extra boost. Consultations can also be used as one-time coaching sessions and are booked at an hourly rate. 


I'm The Best Friend You Never Had

Nothing in the world means more to me than making sure you live your greatest possible life. That’s why I am spending my life making sure that happens for you. 

I am utterly obsessed with the human experience and holistic health. I’ve spent decades of my life and thousands of dollars to discover how to love this mystery of life. Now, you get to reap these benefits.

In the core of my being, I live in wonder, awe, and compassion. You will feel these qualities radiated at you in each session. With a deep sense of reverence, humility, and honor for who you are, I show up for you with integrity.


I create a safe and sacred space where you can be yourself and express your truth. No judgement. All love. For perhaps the first time ever, you’ll feel what it’s like to be seen, heard, understood, and acknowledged for exactly who you are right now. And you will be held in the light of who you can continue to become. I will stretch your mind to a new dimension and then you will step into it. 

Most importantly, you will fun while you grow more than you could have ever imagined. I design dynamic sessions for us that include music, movement, breathwork, improvisation, meditation, teaching, food, ritual, and more.  


What you come to at the end of your years is a realization that a lifetime is not a justification for having done things. It’s an opportunity to have been. The being of you as your conscious self.